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Bud Size: Small – Medium – Large
Texture: Semi-Dense & Perfect Cure
Flavour: Berry / Candy / Diesel / Earthy / Floral / Pungent / Sweet / Vanilla
Medical Usage: ADD / Anxiety / Depression / Fatigue / Migraines / Mood Swings / Pain / Stress
THC: 24 – 31% CBD: >1%
Batch: May 6, 2023


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Astro Pink Kush (AAAA+) Indica Dominant Hybrid Weed Strain is Now available at Bulk Buddy’s Curated Online Dispensary from Canada.

This landmarked rare variation of a pink kush strain revolutionized the loud gas family. You’ll feel like an astronaut before being sent into space with this offshoot of Pink Kush! The Astro Pink Kush, often known as Astro Pink, is a sought-after small-batch, high-quality craft cannabis strain. This new and enhanced version of Pink Kush will have you soaring into the heavenly astroturf and beyond with its lengthy-lasting and strong high backed by up to 28% THC for the connoisseur!

The Astro Pink Kush is set to take Pink Kush’s crown, as users embrace the power and quality of this craft-grown cannabis strain. To begin with, the original Pink was already a cult classic and known big hitter, but this marijuana may soon announce its take over of the pink throne as consumers recognize the strength and excellence of this cannabis species!

It provides a significant surge of optimism, euphoria, and cerebral lift, however, it is renowned for its strong bodily high that permeates throughout your body and limbs.

Astro Pink is ideal for weekends or evenings since it’s long-lasting and has couch locking but surprisingly has uplifting effects. It has been observed to cause munchies and aid in weight reduction, so make sure you have some food on hand before you get too baked to get up and grab anything!

Astro Pink is can treat conditions such as reducing aches and chronic pain, particularly appetite loss, inflammation, migraines, nausea, and headaches. It’s also useful for treating insomnia as well as anxiety, sadness, and stress symptoms. This cannabis has reportedly put even the most experienced stoners to sleep a few hours into the high, so we’d recommend finding somewhere comfy to settle down after consuming. The effects of this powerful body high are sure to last for hours, making it a bad choice if you’re doing a daytime smoke.

If you see the chance to try this cannabis strain, some true connoisseur claims it’s one of the finest strains you’ll ever experience in your life, so don’t hesitate to take it if you can obtain it.

Astro Pink Kush is an Indica dominant hybrid strain that comes from Bulk Buddy’s pure indica selection, although it might be an indica-dominant variety with a ratio of 80% indica to 20% Sativa. Its THC content ranges from 20% to 28%, and its potent effects are evident in its robustness.

Pink Kush, originally known as Pink OG, is a near-pure indica hybrid with a ratio of 90% indica to 10% Sativa. It’s a well-known cannabis celebrity because of its potent heavy indica effects.

Astro Pink Kush is a bit more rounded than its namesake. It has a cone-like form and is densely packed with Astro Pink Kush having several similarities to the original Pink Kush. It has shades of mossy and minty green, and it’s speckled with amber and lovely pink hairs that set it apart from other plants.

This weed has an incredible and costly-looking design that will make you drool for a taste with a thick covering of snow-white crystal trichomes to finish it off! It offers classic kush scents and tastes, with a freshness that may be compared to pine, although there is a delicate yet obvious aroma of undertones of sweet florals and herbs that one might compare to lavender!


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31 reviews for Astro Pink Kush

  1. JohnnyB420 (verified owner)

    Good looks just like pics, beauty nugs, caked. No complaints yet

  2. LAURA0075 (verified owner)

    was amazing (not top notch) but still fire for the price!!

  3. Aro Man (verified owner)

    beautiful, smooth pink smoke, clean soothing high… good one no doubt

  4. MrNiceGuymf187 (verified owner)


  5. Jacktheflipper (verified owner)

    Smells and taste like blueberry , not much pink imo but still good !

  6. jc1oz (verified owner)

    This stuff is amazing.

  7. John Hartlin (verified owner)

    Very nice…nappy nappy stuff

  8. Jason Lyons (verified owner)

    Taste is great. Bag appeal is great. Buzz is great. Pick through it though.

  9. HanSolo420 (verified owner)

    Nice high, nice texture

  10. John Hartlin (verified owner)

    Wowsers!!!!…awesome batch nice smell…taste and buzz

  11. Recklezzz (verified owner)

    Ordered Astro pink and some punch mints craft find the Astro better. Ash is white the high is like a kick to the face..

  12. borderG (verified owner)

    Great taste nice high burns clean

  13. shredder

    very nice

  14. Mercdogstunna

    Great bag appeal and smoke as well!

  15. Reider (verified owner)

    Pure power!!!! Is a must try.

  16. Roach 204 (verified owner)

    Love this one.

  17. Greg C (verified owner)

    Tastes like a pink strain.

  18. Maxq60 (verified owner)

    Really good smoke! Has that sweet gassy taste, not the beat appeal but it gives a good high!

  19. Holly Deline

    Very good

  20. BulkBuddy555

    Bang for buck
    Good bud for a day at the mall shopping, functional and not to heavy on the eyes Hahaa

  21. steevendufresne4 (verified owner)

    I love this pink strain!!! It’s really tasty and great high

  22. Olivier Banville

    Belle tête hummmm

  23. weedguy710425

    Can’t go wrong here

  24. Jordan Gall (verified owner)

    Smells great, tastes good, strong buzz, really good high and pain reliever Nice dense buds, pretty moist. Highly recommend 4.5 stars

  25. Olivier Banville

    Beau produit

  26. Olivier Banville

    Bien goûteux

  27. Olivier Banville

    Très intéressant à découvrir

  28. comatose77

    Knocks ya to outer space

  29. Olivier Banville

    Bonne souche sûr

  30. stephipooki


  31. comatose77

    Take you to astroworld

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