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GrapeFruit THC Joi Pod

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Gelato THC Joi Pods are THC filled pods that are compatible with the Juul Device. Joi only uses 100% natural derived terpenes and THC Distillate.

Content: 0.6mL Pod
Ingredients: 93% THC Distillate, 7% Organic Plant-Based Terpenes
Flavour: Sweet / Earthy / Vanilla / Citrus
Phenotype: Hybrid
Medical Usage: Stress / Depression / Insomnia / Pain / Headaches


Grapefruit THC Joi Pod From Bulk Buddy’s Curated Dispensar

Grapefruit THC Joi Pods is Canada’s premier source for JUUL compatible THC distillate pods. Over at Joi Pods, the mission is very clear: to improve your daily life via the wonderful, natural benefits of cannabis. Their premium recipe is derived from natural terpenes and 100% pure, golden THC distillate. Each order of Strawberry Banana Joi Pods contains one 0.7mL pod filed with a solution of THC distillate and terpenes, containing 500mg of THC.

What Are THC Juul Pods?
Juul Pods have become very trendy over the past few years, particularly with the popularity of the JUUL. A JUUL is a small, square vaporizer or e-cigarette. Like with other vapes, you use it to vape all kinds of flavoured oils. However, it takes a specific form of cartridge known as a Juul Pod.

These Juul Pods are small, square cartridges designed for use with a JUUL, although there are now other vaporizers designed to be compatible with Juul Pods. While some Juul Pods contain flavoured tobacco or nicotine vape juices, there are now many THC Juul Pods designed for users who want the effects of THC.

THC is the psychoactive chemical in marijuana- but using marijuana isn’t the only way to consume it. There are now THC-infused edibles, tinctures, and a lot more. THC Juul Pods are a fairly new option that you attach to your Juul, heat, and inhale to get a fast-acting and potent high. Not only do they allow you to inhale the effects of THC, but they also come in many great flavours to enhance the experience.

Why Use THC Juul Pods?
With so many options of marijuana and vape products today, why use THC Juul Pods? THC Juul Pods are just as good as any other THC-infused vape cartridge or vape oil. However, they’re designed so that users with the Juul style of vaporizers can inhale potent, flavoursome THC.

Vaping is a great choice for smoking for a few reasons. For one, surveys show that many users consider vaping to be a healthier and more positive experience. While burning marijuana can release harmful toxins, vaporizing THC Juul Pods is a smokeless method which simply involves heating oil to create flavorful vapour.

Interestingly, research also explains that vaping produces stronger effects than smoking. THC Juul Pods are often packed with plenty of concentrated THC, and it only takes a few hits to get a strong psychoactive high. Plus, when you vape, it’s easy to control how high you get. Simply take as many or as few hits as you want until you’re happy with the effects.


Strawberry Banana, Gelato, Lemon Drop, Grapefruit


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