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Mike Tyson OG AAAA Craft By Gas




Bud Size: Small – Medium
Texture: Dense, Semi Sticky – Perfect Cure
Flavour: Diesel / Earthy / Pungent / Gas / Kush
Medical Usage: Pain / Depression / Insomnia / Nausea / PTSD
THC: 29+% CBD: >1%

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Mike Tyson OG AAAA Craft by Valley Boys Indica Weed Strain, Now available at Bulk Buddy’s Online Dispensary

Named in honour of one of the worlds’ greatest undisputed heavyweight champions, Mike Tyson by Valley Boys is deserving of its’ namesake with its’ potency and knock-out of a high. Although the genetic makeup of this indica has been kept secret, Canna Clinic has proudly been accredited as the original breeders.

Based on the strong pungent and gas or diesel aroma and the punch of the relaxing and uplifting high, many speculate that Mike Tyson is a cross between OG Kush or another member of the OG family of strains. The THC concentration of this stellar indica is known for reaching levels as high as 29% and on average can be found around 25%. The high is described as a creeper, with effects fully settling in around the 15 minutes to the 30-minute mark, but don’t be fooled – once they kick in, the intoxicating effects of Mike Tyson will hit you like a truck!

Users are first overcome with an uplifting sense of euphoria and a spacey high that’s great for enjoying with friends, before the powerful body high kicks in, relaxing the joints and easing any tension or pain. Many report a relaxing couch-lock feeling that transitions into a sedating, sleepy buzz by the comedown that is great for users dealing with insomnia or fatigue.

Asides from the name itself or the potency, Mike Tyson is also known for its’ amazing bag appeal – from its’ gigantic, chunky, crystal-coated buds, to its’ one-two punch of aroma and flavour, this indica has it all. The aroma of Mike Tyson is PURE gas! This exotic indica exhibits all the lovely characteristics of an OG family member with its’ earthy undertones with slight notes of citrus and a fresh floral essence but sets itself apart with an intoxicating gas and diesel nose. The pungent notes of fuel will quickly encapsulate or permeate a room within a matter of seconds!

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3.5 Grams, 7 Grams, 1/2 Ounce, 1 Ounce, Quarter Pound, Half Pound, Pound

21 reviews for Mike Tyson OG AAAA Craft By Gas


Average of 20 reviews

  1. MarfewJ1313 (verified owner)

    Exactly as described, potent af!

  2. Jack (verified owner)

    We purchased The Craft Mike Tyson OG ZERO big buds mostly small buds a few almost medium and lots of popcorn ! This is very disappointing at $ 790 per quarter pound.This was only our second purchase and our last .After having this highly recommended by the staff. We were expecting much much more .The effects are good but not in the $790 Q/P area .

  3. Cole (verified owner)

    Smelly goodness
    Solid no leaf buds

    This stuff will put you on the moon!


  4. Jack (verified owner)

    How very strange My original review shows 3 stars which is correct but on the reviews page it is changed to 5 stars makes you wonder how many reviews are truely 5 STARS

  5. Budster (verified owner)

    This stuff is great nice dank gas smelling bud nice tight and dense buds with nice potency burns clean and smooth but i agree the bud size is horrible the only downside side to it i got half mediums half smalls and popcorn also which sux for the price but it is what it is

  6. Jack (verified owner)

    It’s just sick we got over 2.5 ounces popcorn buds and the rest small very disappointing

  7. Jack (verified owner)

    Those popcorn buds produced 15.5 grams rosin just over 20% We wish we had received some big buds so we could show the difference in THC levels between large and popcorn buds .This site would be much better selling the popcorn and smaller buds at a reduced rate and charge more of a premium on the larger buds that might make most happy (( Just a thought ))We also squeezed 1 ounce of the red congo it came back at a little over 17% .

  8. Karl D. (verified owner)

  9. david (verified owner)

    This is where it’s at if you have the extra money to spend you won’t regret this if you like a pungent smoke that hits heavy

  10. Anonymous (verified owner)

  11. DanTheMan (verified owner)

    My favorite weed on this site along with Quad Muerte Craft. The Mike Tyson OG Craft was a bit dry but still worth it. True quads.

  12. DanTheMan (verified owner)

    I bought this twice so I’m going to rate this again for the points. Why not 😉

  13. Christina (verified owner)

    Works pretty good impressed me

  14. jamie (verified owner)

  15. Jimboking (verified owner)

    very nice

  16. Cole (verified owner)

    Strongest strain on the site for me, not the highest quality but this shit is by far the most potent, the Pink Pussy, Pink Rozay and MAC are pretty crazy too but not like this stuff for some reason LOL. Cured since July 8th, took it out August 1st put in UV420 smoking jar only have 7g, still can’t finish it (other 3 I mentioned above already finished or almost gone savoring the Rozay, Pussy long gone so good) and have been giving some away as well or smoking up others with it. 1st bong hit is like a being hit with a freight train, I can’t take a 2nd hit because I green out makes me so high I feel sick.
    Truly a knock-out punch!!!

  17. kingxpitbull (verified owner)

    Nice solid buds , smells good , looks good but kinda lacked in taste for me. I bought pink og along with this and thought it was at par in strength. Was worth checking out .

  18. Simon (verified owner)

  19. Karl D. (verified owner)

  20. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Awesome flower

  21. Jacob C. (verified owner)

    This strain might just be my favourite. I have tried “Forum Cut Cookies” and this one, and I believe that this one Has a stronger high, and is stickier. Overall opinion, both are 🔥.

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