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Premium Pre-Rolled Joints – Blueberry Pancakes(Craft)



These Premium Pre-rolled Joints are made with Popcorn/small size buds
Quantity: 3 Premium Prerolled Joints
Flavour: Berry / Earthy / Grape / Nutty / Sweet
Medical Usage: Pain / Depression / Fatigue / Headache / Nausea / PTSD
THC: 23-29% CBD: >1%

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Premium Pre-Rolled Joints Made from Blueberry Pancakes AAAA Craft by Chilliwack Reserves Indica Weed Strain

Those who love a fast-acting high will probably enjoy Blueberry Pancakes. This strain hits quickly, producing a pleasant pressure behind the eyes and in the sinuses upfront.

The experience that follows is very calm and relaxed. This would be a great strain to pull out if you’re feeling anxious, worked up, or overly stressed.

The Blueberry Pancakes effects are tranquil and sleepy, however, this strain won’t completely knock you for a loop. Rather, Blueberry Pancakes is a delicious herb that will simply slow things down and provide a nice and easy experience.

While Blueberry Pancakes does produce a bit of a body-heavy sensation, this strain has an upbeat and happy mental attitude overall.

Like most cannabis strains, consumers may find themselves standing in front of the fridge after a few tastes of this strain. Blueberry Pancakes stimulates appetite and encourages deep sleep. All in all, this laidback hybrid is the perfect strain for winding down and coping with stress.

Blueberry Pancakes is an indica-dominant hybrid with a delicious aroma. Named for its syrupy, berry fragrance, Blueberry Pancakes is an excellent strain to use in a fruit pie or other baked desserts.

Of course, you can always enjoy this strain right alongside your morning short stack. Just make sure you have nothing to do for the rest of the day.

The genetics of this bud is a bit mysterious. Some suggest that this strain stems from DJ Short’s Blueberry, possibly a cut from somewhere in Ohio. This hybrid provides a cheerful and sleepy vibe, excellent for winding down in the evening or passing time on a rainy weekend.

A moderately potent strain, Blueberry Pancakes features an average of 18 to 20% THC. Moderate to experienced cannabis consumers will likely enjoy this strain the most. Cannabis novices may find this strain just a little too sedative.

In high doses, this strain will leave you wanting a nap. However, shatter and other extractions made from this strain are thought to be particularly delicious and strong.

These nugs display typical Indica qualities, with tightly packed leaves that are olive in colour and splashed with vibrant blue accents. Orange pistils twist their way out of these sticky pebbles, which are coated with a layer of crystal trichomes. Marijuana enthusiasts will want to keep a grinder closeby.

While it’s unlikely your doctor would prescribe a short stack of pancakes to deal with your symptoms, marijuana patients are in luck. This herb combines classic Indica effects and delicious flavours to offer medical marijuana patients an enjoyable way to relieve some of their conditions.

Medical cannabis patients often pick up this strain for relief from inflammation and muscle spasms
Those with mental health conditions like anxiety, chronic stress, and depression may also find relief with this strain
The heavy body effects of this strain are perfect for those seeking relief from physical ailments, like muscle tension and other common aches.

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3 Pre-Rolled Joints

2 reviews for Premium Pre-Rolled Joints – Blueberry Pancakes(Craft)


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  1. david gallone (verified owner)

    I have been smoking cannabis for 40 years, Bulk Buddy is so easy to purchase good quality , good price ,good service, great people, smoke.
    Thank you

  2. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Nice high

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