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Razzleberry Kush THCa Sugar Diamonds


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Colour: Yellow
Flavour: Berry / Earthy / Fruity / Sweet
THC: 75-90% CBD: >1%

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Razzleberry Kush THCa Sugar Diamonds Indica Dominant Hybrid Strain is now available at Bulk Buddy’s Online Dispensary.

California-bred Razzleberry Kush is a rare Afghani cross of Purple Kush and Raspberry Kush. This strain has been described as one of the purest Indica strains currently on the market. Fans of Razzleberry Kush enjoy its potential ability to create a calming and soothing high that can de-stress the mind while allowing the body to fall into deep and heavy relaxation. Medical users claim it provides relief from pain, insomnia, mood disorders, and appetite loss. Razzleberry Kush is a cannabis strain that emits a flavour and aroma that live up to its name. It’s sweet and reminiscent of sun-ripened berries and tart raspberries with a light undertone of fresh earth.

What Are THCa Diamonds?

These things are a bit complex! Essentially, weed diamonds are crystals created by extracting the live resin from a cannabis plant using a cold-extraction method and then applying pressure to that oil using a chromatography machine until it takes its signature crystalline form.

This temperature part of the extraction is key because, unlike THC, THCA is what’s known as an inactive cannabinoid. THCA, which stands for “THC acid,” is just the same THC we know and love with a few extra atoms attached. Those extra acid atoms mean THCA will not provide the psychoactive properties that consumers expect from ingesting THC — unless it is activated with heat. This process is known as decarboxylation.

Also known as “diamonds,” it’s pretty self-evident once one sees what crystalline THCA looks like. Rarely larger than a few millimetres across, these diamonds are 99 percent THCA, with the remaining 1 percent consisting of other terpenes and cannabinoids. Weed diamonds thus represent the purest form of the plant’s most famous cannabinoid available now.

The major key to unlocking the THC from THCA is to smoke or vaporize these crystals. However, it’s important to remember that diamonds are essentially the Everclear of cannabis. The THCA potency of the commercial flower is often around 25 percent, while concentrates regularly test anywhere between 70 and 90 percent. Diamonds, by contrast, are just a thread short of 100 %THC, which is why even experienced consumers often treat THCA crystals as a heady sesh supplement as opposed to an entree.

Consumption of diamonds often includes “capping” another, less potent concentrate such as wax or shatter by topping it off with some bits of THCA crystals. Remember: Diamonds have the potential to be four times stronger than hitting a joint.


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10 reviews for Razzleberry Kush THCa Sugar Diamonds

  1. Loki89

    Try it

  2. Fitz

    Very nice stuff

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  4. Ryan

    Tastes amazing

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  6. randy savage

    very nice

  7. Olivier Banville

    Ca doit petter ca

  8. Olivier Banville

    Belle affaires à essayer

  9. comatose77

    Get some if this If you can

  10. Pholeevier Vanbeel

    Very potent

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