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Strawberry Gum



Bud Size: Small – Medium
Texture: Semi-Dense & Normal/Perfect Cure
Flavour: Strawberry / Berry / Bubble Gum / Candy / Fruit / Earthy
Medical Usage: Anxiety / Appetite / Fatigue / Depression / Migraines / Mood Swings
THC: 20 – 23% CBD: >1%

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Strawberry Gum Hybrid Weed Strain from Bulk Buddy’s Curated Dispensary.

Strawberry Gum is an evenly balanced hybrid strain (50% indica/50% sativa) created through a potent cross of the insanely delicious Strawberry X Bubble Gum strains.

Perfect for anyone who loves a great fruity flavour and full-bodied effects, Strawberry Gum brings on a super relaxing high and a mouthwatering flavour that will have you practically begging for more. This bud packs a sweet berry and strawberry bubblegum candy taste into each and every delicious little toke. The aroma follows pretty much the same profile, although with a slight earthiness to it. The Strawberry Gum high is just as delectable as the flavour, with super relaxing effects that are perfect for a lazy afternoon spent at home with friends or family.

The Strawberry Gum strain is one of those hybrid strains that manages to perfectly balance its indica and sativa content. Predictably created by crossing the Strawberry and the Bubblegum strains, this is a strain packed with great tastes and a surprisingly good list of effects as well.

Just like how the memory of pure bubblegum flavours reminds you of a simpler, calmer time, so too does the Strawberry Gum strain remind you of your childhood. Expect to find yourself feeling endlessly relaxed, chilled out, and calm after smoking even a little bit of Strawberry Gum.

The aroma of the Strawberry Gum strain is, unsurprisingly, linked to its name. It offers up a vast mix of both lovely berries and Strawberry Gum. If you have never experienced the vibrant smell of a freshly unwrapped stick of Strawberry Gum, it will likely seem like an artificial, slightly odd smell.

It is definitely like strawberries, but almost more of a distilled strawberry taste, almost as if it is in its most pure form. There is also a vaguely non-descriptive smell of plain old bubblegum, which is pretty hard actually to specify.

There is also a touch of earthiness just at the edge of awareness, which gives it an entirely new level of depth as well.

As the smoke enriches your lungs, a deep and pleasant relaxation will set in, precisely like a calm and comfortable Saturday afternoon. It not only tastes like the very concept of childhood distilled into a cannabis strain, but it also feels like that carefree time as well.

Listlessness and happiness to do nothing will sap your strength and energy, but not so much like a completely powerful indica. There is plenty of that sativa-like cerebral activity that gives you a sense of being able to achieve anything, but not so much that you want to get up and go.

Strawberry Gum, productive, vigorous and easy to grow
Strawberry Gum acquires a hybrid structure, with a large and thick central point surrounded by numerous long and flexible secondary branches giving it the appearance of a flower bouquet.

The high starts with a lifted state that fills you with a sense of cerebral energy and motivation. This is followed by a deeply calming body high that leaves you feeling slightly sedated although not too sleepy.

Thanks to these effects and its high 20-22% average THC level, Strawberry Gum is often chosen to treat those suffering from conditions such as migraines or headaches, chronic pain, mood swings and chronic fatigue. This bud has oversized fluffy popcorn-shaped forest green nugs with thick orange hairs and a coating of frosty amber crystal trichomes dripping with sweet syrupy resin.

The Strawberry Gum strain might be well-loved for its delicious flavour, but it is also greatly appreciated for its medical uses.

For those who struggle with continuous pain, whether from a long-term injury or an undiagnosable cause, this strain is excellent. Its high THC content and relaxing effects allow you almost wholly to remove the feelings of pain from your body.

This also applies to those who struggle with headaches, particularly migraines. Migraines are some of the very worst pains you can suffer, along with cluster headaches, and this strain is frequently used to treat them. After taking a big enough dose of Strawberry Gum, there is simply no way you will be struggling with headaches or pain whatsoever.

It is also very useful for modulating mood swings or downturns in emotion. This is because it gives you such plentiful feelings of calm, relaxation, and happiness that it is so difficult to feel depression. If you struggle with any kind of mental disorder or illness, this is a great strain to help you get through a particularly tough day.

Finally, for those who struggle with chronic fatigue, this strain might be just what you need. While it does induce a soporific effect that makes you want to lie down, it only does so at the end of high. Even then, it doesn’t actually send you to sleep.

The first part of the high gives you a decent amount of energy and focus, enough so that you can still complete whatever tasks you want to do in your evening. It will make you fall down a bit into relaxation later, but for the first part, you can fight off your fatigue easily.

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20 reviews for Strawberry Gum


Average of 20 reviews

  1. Anonymous (verified owner)

  2. Keaton Pilkey (verified owner)

    This was amazing for value smelt better then anything and gets the job done

  3. Bruno Cote (verified owner)

    really fruity and burn really nice white ashes

  4. Kaylaw Prado (verified owner)

  5. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Great bud, the price is a steal

  6. Greg (verified owner)

  7. Quantity98 (verified owner)

    Definitely good for the price, I’d say can’t be beaten for the price even, nice smoke good looks exactly as it says it is. This is a buy again.

  8. Alex (verified owner)

    unpleasant smell to it

  9. Marilyn (verified owner)

  10. Jason (verified owner)

    Gassy an sweet nice bud almost all the stuff I get is top notch so a big thank you Bulk Buddy 😋

  11. Anonymous (verified owner)

  12. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Major favorite of QUITE a while. This is the new McRib. Unique taste and flavour on this one! Super clean burn. Keep this baby in the rotation I hope forvevah evah.

  13. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Incredible smell, Very tasty and very potent. It’s a 50-50 hybrid – so it’s not full Sativa, but very nice

  14. Randy mason (verified owner)

  15. Brian (verified owner)

    Just what I wanted for daytime use. Fully cerebral with virtually no heavy body buzz. Excellent bag appeal as well.

  16. dylan (verified owner)

    nice look and smell, good price for quality

  17. Taylor (verified owner)

    Very good texture, soft buds nice smell n taste

  18. Denis (verified owner)

  19. Kelly Sigethy (verified owner)

    This strain is sweet, not raunchy but very potent. Has a really nice smell.. and is sticky (hence the gum name) – This is one of the best Sativa strains on this site!

  20. Pink Torpedo (verified owner)

    Excellent strain – has a very good taste, one of the best Sativa’s on the site and very potent. It’s not the highest THC, but it does taste great and is good if you want a nice mellow buzz as well as you need some sleep. Smoking a bunch of this makes you sleep well. It’s gummy and sticky just like the name

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