One of the most colourful and vibrant cannabis strains in the market is rainbow kush or rainbow weed. It has solid relaxing effects and a combination of poney flavour with a firm fan favourite. 

Rainbow Kush and its appearance and flavours make this strain popular in Canada and other countries. It is of great advantage for medicinal high and one of the most beautiful strains in history. 

It has vibrant red, oranges, bright yellow, and pink shades and cool-tuned other colours such as purple, green, white, and blue. 

For Growers, take in mind that it may take nine weeks to grow a rainbow weed if indoor, and for outdoor, the ideal time of harvesting is in September or early October. 

Benefits of Rainbow Weed Kush

It helps reduce lower back pain, muscular pain, arthritis and helps them with nausea or no appetite for medical benefits. When taking rainbow weed, make sure to stay dehydrated to avoid an unwanted headache. 

Rainbow Kush’s name declares its brightness and boldness, giving a full range of colour to the bud. With notes of tropical, citrus, and berry flavours, this indica hybrid provides a creative, euphoric high – and though it can offer pain relief, it doesn’t overwhelm the body or give a heavy sensation. Nevertheless, this vivid strain uplifts whoever consumes it, not only for its vibrancy but for its feel-good vibes too.

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