Did you know that you can get shake weed from leftover weeds or strains? You read it right! That includes trichomes; however, it should not be confused with kief, which comes from tiny trichomes with more potent levels than trichomes.

Did you know that pre-roll shake weeds aids dispensaries to cut back waste strains? However, some online dispensaries will sell shake weed from the last strains into pre-rolls; although it’s already lost, it’s quality and gives users a headache when intake. Here at Bulk Buddy, and we only sell high-quality strains to our customers. 

Quick Tip on Identifying Bad Shake Weed

Check if you receive prominent leaves and stems under the guise of shake. If you do, quickly return or do not accept it and find a new online dispensary. 

Why Are People Buying Shake Weed?

Aside from mixed with a different type of flowers, it is cheaper than other flowers available online. So especially if you are looking for affordable flowers and don’t mind the consistency of the strain, this is the perfect weed for you!

Shake weed is also an affordable alternative to enjoy roll joints, spliffs, or blunts. Make sure to buy on the trusted dispensary to get good leftover stuff you were planning to roll up anyway – you’ll save money while enjoying your rolls.

This particular weed is unsuitable for medical users who rely on specific effects from particular strains should avoid using shake. 

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  1. Buying Shake Weed is such a great way to cut down costs if you don’t mind low grade trim and don’t have any coupons; it’s great for rolling joints or blunts, or even with glass pipes or Vapes. I tend to buy Shake as a means to an end when I run out of my premium stash!

    August 23, 2021

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