Essentially described as sweet and sour in flavour, with a unique essence of pink lemonade, the Pink Candy strain is an Indica-dominant hybrid made for recreational and medical marijuana purposes. The Stinky Pinky strain is known for its beautiful appearance, with appealing purple flowers. It has a relatively 25% THC content, which is recognized as beneficial and useful for different medical functions. 

The pink candy strain is known to be a result of both cotton candy and stinky pinky strains. However, some researchers say that this specific strain is actually a result of the combination of Pink Panther and Candy Kush breeds. It is also considered as part of the first class concentrates available in the market today. 

The aromatic smell of the Stinky Pinky strain is recommended for use during evenings and nighttime. Because of its high potency and unprecedented relaxing effects, this strain is considered one of the most significant therapeutic cannabis breeds that anyone can purchase. It has a lot of medical benefits that cannabis users can take advantage of. 

These are the following medical benefits of the Stinky Pinky strain:

  • It helps in alleviating stress, most especially to people who are so immersed with work. 
  • It is also a pain-killing medical cannabis strain.
  • It improves episodes of appetite deficiency.
  • It relieves insomnia. 
  • It treats depression. 

As mentioned, the Stinky Pinky strain has a remarkable THC content. It means that this strain is highly capable of providing someone with a strong high sensation. Aside from that, it is also a good sedative, making it a perfect strain in alleviating signs of pain. It is capable of relaxing the muscles and relieves the mind from mental agony and pressure. 

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