A distinct form of cannabis weed wax, shatter is a hard, translucent concentrate that breaks and shatters like glass. This type of concentrate is named after its breakability and favored for its ease in handling and dabbing.

Shatter wax is one of the most popular concentrates in Canada. This is because shatter is less messy and easy to manipulate kind of concentrate. As set out, shatter is a type of extract that resembles a solid, wax-like texture that typically shatters into pieces.

If you are into consuming shatter strains, you might find this article beneficial. Read on to learn some of the best shatter strains you can find in Canada today.

Top 20 Shatter Strains of 2020 in Canada

Alice in Wonderland

According to experts, the source of this strain stems from Willy’s wonder–a Sativa shatter strain that offers euphoric cerebral effects. With the help of the elevation of sensory experience, this strain is perfect for those who seek outdoor activities, daytime stress relief, a laid-back weekend, or creative pastimes.

“Alice in Wonderland” is highly recommended to individuals who are suffering from anxiety or depression. The strain provides a certain person with increased euphoric feeling and happiness. This primarily helps one in dealing with stress and depression with a mild cottonmouth backlash.

In the Pines

Designed by Aficionado Seeds, “In the Pines” is a Sativa crossbreed of Master Kush, Pineapple, and Pineapple Thai. The strain comes in a tropical fruity flavor. As such, its senses and creativity increased, making it a suitable shatter strain for people who have hobbies and want to make productive afternoons.

“In the Pines” gives its consumer a relaxed and happy feeling, which mostly helps one in handling stress and anxiety while giving you a mild cottonmouth backlash.

OG Shark

“OG Shark” is a rare strain that is usually found in Canada. The strain comes in an earthy, pungent aroma, which is mainly used for relieving nausea, pain, and sleeping disorders. It gives its user a high level of relaxation and happy feeling. It also helps in easing pain and stress while giving you a mild cottonmouth backlash.

Island Sweet Skunk

“Island Sweet Skunk” is created by Federation Seed Company. It is a Sativa crossbreed of Big Skunk #1, Sweet Pink and Grapefruit. It comes in grapefruit flavor and provides its user with energetic effects.

Moreover, this strain gives its consumer an uplifting, happy feeling, helping with stress and depression. It also comes with a medium-slight cottonmouth backlash.

Blue God

“Blue God” is created by Jordan of the Islands in Canada. It comes from an Indica shatter strain of Blueberry and God Bud. The strain gives off a sweet berry aroma and provides the distinct Indica strain’s effects. It gives its user an extremely relaxed, sleepy feeling, which mostly helps with insomnia and pain. It also gives a medium-slight cottonmouth backlash.


Stemming from Leafs by Snoop, “Bananas” is an Indica shatter strain that comes with flavors of sweet tropical fruit and banana. It gives its consumer a remarkably relaxed, happy feeling, which mainly helps with stress and pain.

Black Tuna

Finally, “Black Tuna” is created by a British-Columbian Company, 5 Star Organic. It is a shatter strain of Lamb’s Bread and Herijuana. The name was derived from a 1970’s gang, Black Tuna Gang, which was infamous for smuggling Colombian marijuana into the United States.

The strain gives its user an extremely relaxed and happy feeling, which greatly helps with stress and pain. It also gives a medium cottonmouth backlash.

What’s Next?

If you are one of the people who prefer to dab than to smoke, then you are utilising a much healthier way of using cannabis. With so many shatter strains available in Canada, you will never run out of something to consume.

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