There are already different types of cannabis products, such as cannabis extracts, cannabis oils, cannabis concentrates, and dried cannabis. I bet that you already know about the parts of cannabis, but have you ever considered knowing how they are grown? If you still don’t, then this is the perfect time for you because we’ll stuff you with knowledge about marijuana seeds and their becoming!

Cannabis seeds are one of the two sources of growing cannabis. They are essential because they contain the genes from the parent plants and can lay down several mixtures of characteristics that are taken after from the mother, father, or both. Furthermore, in the production of commercially sold marijuana, the workers will plant a bunch of seeds of a single strain. That is also where they will pick the best among the group when they start to develop. 

Later on, the growers will harvest the clones out of the single plant because it will provide a massive chance for constant genetics to be used for mass cannabis production. The best perk you can get in growing your marijuana from seeds is that they can give you a more durable pant with more compact or better genetics. The marijuana plant becomes more wholesome and substantial as little plants, which is in contrast to the clones. 

The marijuana seeds can be planted right away in your backyard or garden, but make sure that the setting is in the outdoors. They can grow in early spring and still can survive either cool or wet season. But, if you prefer to plant them indoors, worry not! The seeds can also be grown inside a closed space; however, you will be tasked to germinate them. It is essential because they are still young and can be easily damaged during the first stages of development. In times that the cannabis seeds not germinating properly or at all, then perhaps there are problems in the process. So, make sure that you check the temperature, the bag or container, the soil or freezer, and other aspects.

When you observe the germination process of the seeds, they will turn into seedlings when the coats come off. This usually takes 3 days to 1 week of initial development. Afterward, little leaves will emerge entering its first real development cycle. It will continue to grow and enter the other parts of its cycle. Later on, the cannabis buds will turn into flowers.

Thus, cannabis seeds truly play a vital role in the cannabis industry. There would be no plants and products without them. So, what are you waiting for? Visit the nearest licensed or legal marijuana seed online shop in Canada today!

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