People who just entered the realm of cannabis would probably not understand the level of complexities of craft cannabis strains. However, crafting the perfect marijuana hybrids turned out to be the cream of the crop in the industry in their little way. 

In the past years, the craft cannabis platform has indeed launched grandly, making users enthusiastic about the possible things that it can give. These high-quality firms of cannabis provide the patrons with an extra unique and one-of-a-kind user experience. 

If you think of craft cannabis strains is bothering your mind, let us satisfy your curiosity now. Listed below are the different and widely known craft marijuana strains that can purchase in the nearest cannabis dispensary in your area.

Romulan #5

Fun fact: this strain’s name is based on an alien breed in the famous science fiction novel/film series Star Trek. This particular craft marijuana strain is renowned for the therapeutic aspects that it gives to users. Even though the potent indica dominates it, a handful of Sativa genes discovered in the mixture contributed to the magnificent effects in the patron’s cerebrum. It is the best option for those who desire to benefit from the medical advantages of the soothing effect. 

Zkittlez #8

Cookie Zkittlez #8 Marijuana, Order Weed Online From Marie's Deliverables  (South)

If you enjoy fruit-flavoured or have fruity scents, then this craft marijuana strain is the best for you! Zkittlez is a mix dominated by indica and possesses an enchanting tropical and fruity smell with a sweet and berry-like taste. It creates a boosting effect when consumed, which is not typical for this type of strains to produce. It raises the level of happiness, alertness, and concentration of patrons and supports promoting tranquillity at any moment.

Papaya Punch

Papaya Punch | Leafly

 This hybrid has inherited great flavour and effectiveness from its parents. It is the product of two famous strains, which are the Papaya and Purple Punch. Hence, its name is a combination of its parents. Consumers can notice a little tropical taste when you smoke this strain; however, it also displays berry notes from Purple Punch. The primary effects of Papaya Punch are similar to Sativa, which puts your mind to work and boosts your creativity. After quite some time, it creates a relaxing effect, making it the best strain to use in the evening to help you experience a peaceful rest.

Stripper Spit

Stripper Spit Buds - Canada's #1 Online Weed Dispensary - Buy Weed Online  in Canada Discreetly | Boutique

This strain is also a hybrid because its parents are Granddaddy Purple and Girl Scout Cookies, two of the popular ones in the industry. Stripper Spit gives patrons a mild smoke, and it also stuffs a relatively spectacular ecstatic effect. It also gives off a flowery yet diesel-like scent with a hint of licorice that creates a sedating but boosting effect at the same time. This is the best strain to help users who suffer from stress, anxiety, depression, and insomnia. It also gives rise to munchies that make it the best option for uplifting the appetite.

Grandpa Larry

Grandpa Larry OG Premium - Exotic Blooms - Experience Washington D.C's  Premier, Exclusive California Medical Grade Cannabis

This popular hybrid is the result of blending Larry OG Kush and Grand Daddy Purple. It has a unique smell that originates from its parents. This strain’s effects are soothing and vigorous and can travel all throughout the user’s body; thus, making them ecstatic but not overwhelmed. Grandpa Larry is good at reducing stress, pain, depression, and insomnia.

Gelato #33

The Cookie Farm in Bay Area is the place where Gelato #33 came. This strain is the offspring of two unlikely parents, which are Sunset Sherbet and Thin Mint GSC. The Cookies genes of this hybrid make its components harmonize well. Gelato #33 gives off a sweet, citrus-like, and fruity taste. The citrusy taste and smell of this strain are due to its dominant terpene called limonene. Moreover, this hybrid uplifts your mood and boosts your energy levels, perfect for consuming after a long rough day!

Battle Star

Potent indica hybrid marijuana strains Star Killer and Starfighter are the parents of Battle Star. Since the parents already possess emotional effects, Battle Star creates a captivating blend of the two. Perfect for those who prefer OG strains because it contains an exceptional taste and strength. Star Killer gives off the soothing and sedating effects that are best in suppressing anxiety and pressure. Starfighter, on the other hand, makes sure that the impact of the former lasts long. Battle Star’s smell and taste are strong and sour due to its OG ancestry, but with a hint of unusual spice. This hybrid is ideal for veteran patrons of cannabis. 

Mystical Mule

Mystical Mule weed strain | Buy marijuana online

This strain is produced by utilizing craft cross-breeding tactics. The hybrid got its characteristics from many well-known strains that were picked due to their boosting, ecstatic, and potent effects. Mystical Mule has a vibrant and savoury flavour that helps consumers be creative and inspired. The taste and scent of it are fruity with a dash of passionfruit, ginger, and mango.

Sour Berry Blue

Sour Berry Blue Strain Review | Westword

This hybrid is an offspring of the award-winning parent Alpha Blue and parent Sour Strawberry. Hence, it possesses a juicy and sweet berry taste that raises up to strawberry candies and fruity cocktails. Sour Berry Blue gives off boosting and euphoric effects that made it difficult to compete.

BackBeat OG

This strain is the product of the union of Chuckles OG and Starfighter. It is a potent indica dominant that contains exceptionally high tetrahydrocannabinol, which is 30% and above. This has a rich flavour composed of an unusual spiciness, citrus components, and rocket fuel. Hence, BackBeat OG gives off a calming effect on one’s mind and body.

American Gothic

American Gothic cannabis strain | Buy marijuana online

Chem’s Sister and Scott’s OG are American Gothic parents, making it a robust and flavoured hybrid. Due to its Chemdawg ancestry, this strain contains a skunk-like scent and earthy, sour, and citrus-like taste. The effects of it are calming and sedating.

Craft marijuana strains are among the building blocks that complete the cannabis industry. Their wide variety allows consumers to find what suits them best. Therefore, they are one of the products to look forward to in the world of cannabis.

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