Have you heard about Nuken Strain but unsure what type of cannabis and effects of this indica marijuana strain? We’ll discuss what nuken strains, made from and their results are.

Nuken is an indica strain from Canada bred by crossing God Bod and Shishkaberry together. It delivers a balancing effect, sweet and fresh aroma from herbs and grass.

This strain will make you feel stoned but functional to enjoy it with your friends. Professional growers mentioned that Nuken blooms with round and dense buds covered in a crystal resin blanket. Isn’t that amazing?

Some medical marijuana patients have used this strain to relieve their anxiety, stress, and overall to make them relaxed from tension.

Based on Leafy.ca, here are other Nuken effects listed below:

Nuken reviews
As with any hybrid strain, Nuken grew either indoor or outdoor. The strain can thrive well in a SOG growing method using either soil or hydro medium. But for a novice, we don’t recommend growing this strain at home as this takes a lot of effort to have good quality nuken.

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