Type of Weed Drug Tests

Medical practitioners carry out many of these experiments in medical laboratories. Although there is a slight chance of incorrect positives and negatives, these tests are mostly highly reliable.

For tests, marijuana is a big problem for many individuals. Due to the legalization of marijuana in some jurisdictions, drug testing is a common problem. The majority of the employer may request any of the following drug tests:

  1. Urine Drug Test: 30-45 days
  2. Blood Test: 45-60 days
  3. Hair Test: 90-120 days
  4. Saliva/Swab Test: 1-7 days

Urine Drug Test

The most famous form you’ll find is urine drug tests. Urine tests entail giving a lab fresh urine samples to examine. Health professionals will examine relevant medication indicators and creatinine, pH, temperature, and color.

You must now provide the urine at the lab’s place in almost all cases. You cannot send a sample taken at home. A urine test that took several hours ago would no longer be at the proper temperature for testing.

Keep in mind that certain employers demand that you have a urine sample when being supervised. This effectively removes the possibility of urine swapping. Urine samples will show if anyone has used alcohol, opiates, opioids, or methamphetamines.

Blood Test

The most effective drug test is a blood test, but it is still the most invasive. A certified healthcare practitioner who knows how to draw blood must administer a blood test. 

This form of test is very effective, as it can detect weed up to three weeks after it has been used. The amount of time it can be seen increases with reprised heavy usage. Alcohol and nicotine use is also detected through blood tests.

Hair Test

A hair test is used to resolve whether or not a person has used the drug previously. Hair tests can show drug use from a quarter of a year to five days before the test is taken. The concept behind hair drug testing is that drug metabolites penetrate the scalp’s blood vessels, where they are filtered and stored as a permanent record of a person’s drug consumption by the hair.

Many individuals oppose hair monitoring, on the other hand, because it does not assess actual substance use. Since metabolites of the drug will linger in the hair for months after use, no amount of shampooing will be able to remove them. A person may have last used cannabis a few months ago and still be tested positive today.

Saliva Test

Most drugs are detected by this test only if used recently. A saliva test for cocaine, opiates, and methamphetamines will detect use within the last few days. This test would only detect marijuana usage within the prior few hours. You will be asked to spit into a tube or collect a mouth swab for a saliva test.

Why Do Employers Require a Drug Test For Weed?

The legal environment covering marijuana use is increasingly changing, and employers are being more vigilant than ever before when it comes to drug testing their workers for Tetrahydrocannabinol or CBD.

The Urine Drug test is a standard procedure in many businesses, even though it might sound like an invasion of privacy. Company drug tests are required for a wide range of jobs, particularly if the nature of the work poses a risk of injury.

Top Reason Why Employer Ask for Drug Test?

Safety of Job

Multiple occupations necessitate a high degree of teamwork and objectivity. 

Requirements of Law

State and federal legislation mandate some occupations, such as healthcare and government jobs, to maintain a drug-free atmosphere. If the organization does not comply, it will face legal consequences.

Identification of Drug Use 

This is the most prominent justification for substance testing in the workplace. If an organization has a strict no-drug policy, it will eliminate prospective workers from considering jobs. A company will fire an employee if a drug test detects the presence of the drug.

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