One of the strongest cannabis strains, the Black Widow strain is an award-winning Sativa dominant hybrid. It got the number 1 spot during the 1995 High Times Cannabis Cup. Cannabis smoker newbies should take some precautions in smoking Black Widow marijuana. The last thing you want to get is a panic attack while chilling by yourself or with your friends.

Black Widow’s heritage can be traced from South American and South Indian Sativa strains. Although it is unclear as to the lineage of this strain, it likely has genetics from Brazil. South American strains tend to be Sativa because of their warm weather and varying altitudes. In contrast, South Indian Sativa are various strains that grow in the region where hash production is typical.

It is surprising to know that its genetics is somehow descendant of White Widow, not directly but rather a sibling or cousin. It is considered that Black Widow is the dark version of its older sibling or cousin. Its THC contents are the following: 28% Highest test, 24.5% Strain average, 13.5% Sativa average, 18% Wikileaf average, and 35% Wikileaf highest, making it one of the strongest cannabis strains. 

The typical effects of the strains are relaxed, dry eyes, and cottonmouth. It is also used to help boost appetite.

Here are other common usages of Black Widow strain:

  • Depressed
  • Anxiety
  • Stressed
  • Insomnia

Black widow strain induces feelings of laziness and sleepiness, which is much recommended during the evening. It is also not high in CBD, so it can be good to add it to your bowl for more benefits.

Black widow is a popular strain because of its high THC content and ability to induce positive feelings in someone that consumes it. We cannot deny the fact that it has a cool and familiar name is a bonus when some of the cannabis enthusiasts choose their favorite strain.

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