A lot has changed since the mysterious pneumonia-like illness troubled the whole world. The virus has since traveled the world with unbelievable efficiency, infecting hundreds of thousands of people in many countries. The journey of this disease has been so swift that it has already taken thousands of lives.

In that same time, many sectors are also losing, such as the massive business industry. Large businesses and small organizations have been inevitably affected, including the near-term effects and less-expected long-term consequences.

While large companies in the country have already anticipated business interruptions, small to medium-sized businesses also need to know and understand how this outbreak could affect them.

Recently, Canada Post — transporter of most cannabis in the country — has stopped requesting signatures for deliveries in compliance with the enhanced safety measures of the country. In such a way, they will be able to help contain

Demand for Cannabis Delivery Service Soars

When Canada Post stopped requesting signatures for deliveries, the demand for delivery services has sharply increased.

Adult-use marijuana deliveries dealt with by Canada Post go directly to local post offices for pickup. Experts suggest that people might rely on federal courier if customers find online services unappealing.

Reports show that many cannabis stores across the country, both online and in-stores, experience unprecedented demand in recent days as Canada enacts social distancing measures to help contain the worsening of the virus.

Other news explains the closure of some corporate-owned stores and a pivot to e-commerce. Because means of these, more companies are expected to follow suit.

A number of courier service companies operating in Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and some parts of Ontario have been conducting doorstep deliveries. In light of COVID-2019, they have taken precautionary measures to reinforce the safety and hygiene procedures of workers and consumers. 

Employees such as drivers have been fully trained on the health procedures to maintain both the drivers, the clients, and the products’ safety. Some precautionary measures they practice include wearing masks and special gloves that work with smartphones, bringing hand sanitizer and alcohol rubs to maintain cleanliness.

The volume of the people who order marijuana-related products through courier services has tripled, especially in the provinces. Without any solution to the pandemic people are facing, many believe that the number will continue to grow. To meet the increasing demand of the public, several express delivery companies plan to expand their services.

Canada Mail Order is the Best Cannabis Delivery Service

While the country is working very closely with improving the federal courier service and ensuring all special requests from the clients are met, there is nothing more secure and reliable than online dispensaries.

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