If you are searching for the most delicate strain of cannabis that can knock you out quickly in just a few puffs or smokes, then the Ghost Bubba Strain fits perfectly for you! This potent cannabis strain is an indica dominant hybrid, cultivated and bred from the classic Bubba Kush and Ghost OG strains. 

What is Ghost Bubba Strain?

Known for having high THC levels, the Ghost Bubba Strain is a very indulging type of cannabis product. It is recommended for usage during nighttime, especially that this strain has a high sedation effect on users. If you wish to consume a high dose of this marijuana strain, expect to get couch-locked. 

Ghost Bubba Strain by Bulk Buddy


The appearance is similar to other typical indica hybrids of marijuana strains. Its flowers are clustered like popcorn and are small in terms of their size. Its leaves are also small and curl inward, going through its central stems. Although its physical structure may not be that appealing, its colour is vibrant and alluring to the sight. 

Flavour and Aroma

This strain’s flowers offer a woodsy and earthy fragrance. It is also known for having a significant touch of pine aroma. It has sweet overtones with the scent of citrus that you will surely enjoy sniffing. Other than that, its smoke effects are like sipping a calming cup of tea. It yields both relaxation and tranquillity. 

It may have an intense flavour, but it’s also sweet and pleasant to the tongue. It has an impact of a lavender fragrance, which adds to the euphoric taste of the said strain. And that only means pleasure and indulgence. 

Medical Benefits of the Ghost Bubba Strain

This strain is used for both medical and recreational purposes. It is perfect during night time where relaxation and sound sleep are guaranteed. It can give different sensations, such as happiness, uplifting spirit, relaxed body, and a euphoric feeling. 

In terms of its medical benefits, this strain helps provide therapy to different conditions. Consider the following advantages of smoking are:

  • It relieves depression
  • It alleviates body stress
  • It mitigates a general feeling of pain
  • It eases headaches and body fatigue 

If this interests you, this must be your sign to try the ghost bubba strain. Purchase yours today and enjoy the satisfaction guaranteed in smoking or puffing your favourite cannabis!

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