If you are an experienced cannabis user, you have probably heard about Phoenix Tears already. Also known as Rick Simpson Oil or RSO, Phoenix Tears is a type of cannabis oil with high concentration properties. Aside from the euphoric sensation you get from using this cannabis type, the said concentration is widely popular because of its healing capacities. If you ask how it’s called Rick Simpson, well, you will find the answer here. 

Medically speaking, THC Phoenix Tears acquired its popularity because of its high reputation in treating skin cancer. It was first created by Rick Simpson, a Canadian cannabis activist, who was diagnosed with basal cell carcinoma (a type of skin cancer). Rick’s decision to create an oil treatment involving cannabis resulted in a positive note. As he applied the treatment topically, the cancer growth ultimately vanished. 

Phoenix Tears have a relative THC level of 40% to 95%. While this content level is highly potent, it can still vary, knowing that Phoenix Tears oil can be easily created at home. It means that the strength of this concentrate will depend on how you created them in your household. It contains cannabis compounds, such as terpenes and pain-killing cannaflavins. 

Now, how do you use or enjoy Phoenix Tears cannabis oil? Below is the list of ways that you can enjoy the recreational features and savour the medical benefits of this cannabis concentrate. 

  1. Topical Application
  • This is the easiest way to use Phoenix Tears, as you will only apply the oil on the skin surface. Rick Simpson applied Phoenix Tears using this manner. 
  1. Vaping
  • To use vaping more efficiently, it is necessary to thin the liquid first by adding organic vegetable glycerin. Doing so will convert the concentrate to its purest form. 
  1. Oral Use
  • Oral consumption of Phoenix Tears is also a good way to use the said concentrate. It is available in capsule form, so users can just ingest it directly. Aside from directly swallowing it, other users place the capsule under their tongue. This way, they will get its effects very quickly. 
  1. Food Ingredient
  • Other cannabis users mix Phoenix Tears oil in baked goods and foods. Aside from the benefits it can give, people can enjoy it with their favourite snacks. 

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