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Are you searching for the best mail-order marijuana in Quebec City? Today is your lucky day! BulkBuddy is Canada’s leading online dispensary for your cannabis needs!

Quebec City is the capital of the province of Quebec. It is the home of 500, 000 Quebecers, the second-most populous city in the province. It is situated on the north shore of the St Lawrence River, where it meets St Charles River. Like most of the provinces of Quebec, it is predominantly a French-speaking city. The city is known for its architecture, European feel, and various annual Festivals. 

Quebec City is one of Canada’s largest cities. It is considered the most visited place in Canada. It holds one of the most popular festivals, Winter Carnival, where many tourists gather and celebrate. The city’s economy depends on tourism, transportation, public administration, service sector, commerce, and defence. The provincial government is the largest employer in the city, with 27,900 employees as of 2007. 

There are around 10% of jobs in manufacturing where its main products are pulp and paper, processed food, metal or wood items, chemicals, electronics and electrical equipment, and printed materials. The city is the cradle for prominent companies such as La Maison Simons, a fashion retailer, BPR and Norda Stelo, an engineering firm, and many more.  

It is best to visit the city during its Summer months June through September, and during its Winter months, December through February. Every season brings out its own unique activities and stunning sights. The history, friendly vibe, and myriad attractions of the city throughout the year make it stand out from other travel destinations. You can enjoy from famous landmarks like Old Quebec Stroll, North America’s oldest street to amazing festivals like Winter Carnival. 

Experience the power of nature and enjoy smoking your favourite cannabis smoke, while amusing the breathtaking view of Montmorency Falls. Smoking cannabis can offer so much more from its euphoric effect down to a youthful feeling.

Death Bubba

Bud Size: Small - Medium - Large Ratings:

Gastro Pop AAAA+ Indica Craft By Prise Points

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Peanut Butter Gelato

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Afghani Pink

Bud Size: Small - Medium - Large Texture: Semi-Fluffy

Our Online Dispensary, Bulkbuddy is here to help residents in Quebec City to buy weed online easily. Our products are not the common types of weeds you see and hear. As a premier online dispensary from the eastern region of Canada, we share access to the amazing local craft cannabis of Quebec City with the rest of the country.

Bulk Buddy is your go-to digital store to shop weed online. We deliver mail order marijuana in Quebec City, with its neighbouring cities and localities such as: 

  • Trois-Rivières 
  • Montreal 


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