710 Pen OTG Buttonless Battery w/ Charger (White)

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Compatible with all 510 threaded Vape Cartridges we carry!

Content: 1x • OTG Buttonless Battery for Vaporizer
& • USB charger for your battery
Colour: White

Cartridges are sold separately.

This 710 pen OTG battery and USB pack provide you with the best value to attach any 710 vape cartridge.

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Bulk Buddy’s 710 Pen OTG Buttonless Battery w/ Charger (White)

Use with Our Selection of Vape Cartridges

The 710 Pen is a standard buttonless (comes with a USB charger) that is compact and easy to use! The end doubles as a stylus, allowing room for multitasking. Compatible with most standard vape cartridges.

Important notes and safety precautions about charging your 710 battery:

  • DO NOT OVERTIGHTEN THE BATTERIES ON THE CHARGER. Over-tightening the battery in the USB charger can cause the charger or battery to malfunction. Turn the battery slowly only until the light on the battery flashes, or (if your charger has a light) the light turns from green to red.
  • Always plug the USB charger in before the 710battery. Ensure the light on the USB charger is green before charging the battery.
  • Do not leave a charging battery unattended.
  • Do not leave a charged battery on the charger for an extended period of time

Suggested Use
Charge with a USB charger and then attach it to your favourite 510 devices and enjoy it

13 reviews for 710 Pen OTG Buttonless Battery w/ Charger (White)

  1. Obrey90 (verified owner)

    A1 vape pen

  2. Alex Soucy (verified owner)

    This sucks ,you have to suck a lot on the cart to get smoke out,my guess is its not powerfull enough

  3. Fin (verified owner)

    bought in aug /22
    well ..i give this 3.25/5. took me awhile to figure out if it was charged. and yes second review, u r correct.its hard to pull. battery needs frequent charging. and all that shit. but…
    but it was 8 bucks!! what did u expect.also the rubber bottom i can use on my phone.
    people ,this is a solid 3

  4. shredder

    fair enough

  5. Mercdogstunna

    Works well

  6. Magneto

    Long lasting battery

  7. jackolantern (verified owner)

    Cool. Not a vape guy so I found this pretty easy to get going. Bonus stylus works pretty good as well.

  8. Olivier Banville


  9. Olivier Banville

    Belle patentes

  10. stephipooki


  11. Pholeevier Vanbeel


  12. Top J

    works pretty well

  13. fred453


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