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Strawberry Blue



Bud Size: Small – Medium
Texture: Semi-Dense & Normal
Flavour: Berry / Blueberry / Fruity / Strawberry / Sweet
Medical Usage: Pain / Anxiety / Depression / Insomnia / Stress / Inflammation / Fatigue
THC: 18 – 25% CBD: >1%

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Strawberry Blue Hybrid Weed Strain Now available at Bulk Buddy’s Curated Dispensary

A great daily bud for putting you in a happy and calm headspace, Strawberry Blue brings a delicious aroma and strong sativa effects. Growers at World of Seeds came up with this beauty by crossing Strawberry and New Blue Line to create a sativa-dominant hybrid that is somewhat of a jack of all trades. Recreational users and medical patients alike will appreciate this 50/50 strain.

Strawberry Blue typically contains about 20% THC, meaning it’s great for providing sativa effects without being too strong for newer users. Nugs of this strain gives off an enticing aroma, blending strawberry notes with other sweet berries for a yummy smell and taste. Users note that it’s one of the more pleasant tasting strains they’ve experienced no matter how they choose to smoke it. Strawberry Blue’s nugs are gorgeous, with super frosty trichomes that have a bit of a blue tinge. Pistils are light and plentiful on these long and thin buds.

True to its sativa heritage, Strawberry Blue is great for focusing the mind and uplifting your mood without taking away your functionality. Users are able to get a sense of relaxation while still feeling energetic and uplifted, making it a great daytime strain. Offering a full-body high for some, it’s a great choice for sitting around with friends or making your way through an arduous day at work.

A strain that’s known for effective medicinal use, Strawberry Blue is an ideal selection for individuals who suffer from depression and stress. Lifting one’s mood while infusing them with energy, it’s the perfect choice for taking the edge off of a particularly hard day. Do you suffer from chronic body pain, anxiety, headaches, or GI issues? Strawberry Blue is a strain that powerfully provides relief for a variety of physical ailments, making it a favourite among the medical cannabis community.

Strawberry Blue is an ideal strain to grow at home, as it flourishes inside as well as in outdoor environments. It’s relatively resistant to mould and pests, and after a 9-week flowering time, you’ll be shocked with the harvest that’s on your hands! Overall, it’s a strain that’s absolutely gorgeous to watch grow and will permeate your space with its lovely berry scent.

For a long-lasting high that leaves you functional and uplifted, try Strawberry Blue. Great for daytime or evening use, it helps to relax the mind and ease your worries while infusing you with a burst of creative energy. Pain relief is also a given with this strain, as it’s a great choice for those who suffer daily from a medical condition.


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4 reviews for Strawberry Blue


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  1. Zack (verified owner)

  2. Anonymous (verified owner)

  3. Rakan.64

    great one

  4. Corrigan Anderson (verified owner)

    Nice light easy smoke with perfect flavouring. Really hits the spot after a long day at work

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