Canada is the second-largest country in the world in terms of landmass, making it one of the most beautiful countries to tour around. From stunning ski slopes and outstandingly blue rivers to mountainous terrains and its dramatic climate, the country offers an endless list of activities and possibilities and unique experiences for both residents and visitors. 

If you want to take a memorable holiday in Canada and you don’t know where to begin, then you’ve come to the right place. We list down the top 10 best recreational activities you can do in Canada to guide you in exploring this awe-inspiring country.

Go Skiing

Whistler in British Columbia

One of the most famous ski resorts in Canada is Whistler in British Columbia. It is set in the Coastal Mountain range, just a two-hour drive from Vancouver, making it the number one mountain resort in North America. Aside from the breathtaking view and snowboarding conditions it offers, its dining and nightlife make your stay even more worthwhile.

Visit Niagara Falls

Canada is home to one of the world’s most iconic waterfalls—the Niagara Falls. This popular tourist destination stands out like a diamond in the crown. You don’t have to worry about how you’ll be seeing this stunning natural beauty because there are a number of tour operators that can take you there.

Try Canadian Canoeing

If you ever pass by the Great White North, do not leave out Canadian canoeing. This activity is your ticket to exploring the country’s stunning lakes and rivers. If you explore the Northwest Territories, you may paddle through the dramatic Nahanni Canyon to experience the rugged Barrenlands or you may go down the South Nahanni River to see spectacular views of untamed nature.

Hike the East Coast Trail


There are lots of astounding hikes in Canada. The ultimate bucket list hike in the country is trekking along the East Coast Trail. This North America’s easternmost coastline encompasses 300 kilometers of dramatic Atlantic coast that consists of beautiful vistas. If you hike in the area, you may enjoy some jaw-dropping scenery such as weathered fjords, scenic sea stacks, rugged headlands, and dramatic cliffs.

Climb a Mountain

Canadian Rockies mountain rangeThe best high point to climb is the Canadian Rockies mountain range that stretches from British Columbia to Alberta. It brings together the stunning turquoise lakes, sensational wilderness, and diverse wildlife. 

If you are keen on climbing or walking, then Banff National Park is the best place for you. It demonstrates beauty and natural importance as it is a UNESCO World Heritage site.

See Polar Bears

Canada’s Churchill is regarded as the polar bear capital of the world. If you visit the town, you will surely come face-to-face with a wild polar bear. This isolated place can be found in the province of Manitoba, in arctic Canada, and the remoteness alone gives its charm.

Edge Walk at the CN Tower

Dare to lean backwards and walk over the edge of Toronto’s tallest attraction? At the CN Tower, you can walk outside around the circumference of its roof. As it stands at an enormous 553 metres tall, you better prepare yourself for this thrill of a lifetime.

Skydive in Edmonton

Aside from the highest jumps and the elongated freefall Western Canada offers, it is also well-known for having best-in-world skydiving instructors. Their passion and love for the art of skydiving reflect in their work. They want to educate and encourage divers who wish to engage themselves in the sport. If you decide to go skydiving, look no further than Edmonton.

See and Capture the Northern Lights

Planning to watch the breathtaking colours of the Northern Lights? You can definitely see it in the country as the Aurora Oval covers much of Canada. Some of the best places to look over the aurora borealis (Northern Lights) are the provinces of Yukon, Newfoundland, Northwest Territories, Northern Saskatchewan, Nova Scotia, and British Columbia.

On the whole, Canada offers lots of adventure and recreational activities for people of all ages, in different parts of the world. After knowing these activities, we are sure that you’ll book your next holiday trip to the country.

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