There is a wide array of cannabis products that are being used and sold in the medical field, both dried and cured cannabis in Canada are among them. But, do you know that there are methods to dry the cannabis plants and cure them? If you haven’t heard of these ways, then that’s what we are going to tackle!

Top Ways to Dry and Cure Cannabis in Canada

Many have known that the flowers of cannabis contain several active substances that can be used for recreational and medicinal purposes, such as cannabidiol (CBD) and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). Perhaps you are wondering if that is the case then what would be the essence of drying and curing. The rich compounds of the plant can only be activated when they are being processed for 1-2 weeks; hence, the need for the drying and, later on, curing of the plant.

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In drying the marijuana flower, you will be tasked to take it away from heat, wind, and any factors that can make the buds to decompose. Making sure that there is no amount of light that reaches your drying area is also a must. It is because of the negative impact that light brings to the trichomes, making the tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) to cannabinol (CBN) which will destroy almost all of the psychoactive impact. 

Additionally, you might need to choose an area without much warmth and breeze that reach the about to be dried cannabis flower or plant. A small amount of air, light, or heat trapped in the area for a short period can really alter the drying process. That said, you may use a drying sock so that the marijuana can be dried thoroughly. However, if the process becomes longer than expected, then there may be a little problem with your drying room. What you need to do in order to speed up the process is to remove the parts of the cannabis and put them in the drying sock.

Curing of weed is one of the frequently underrated parts, but you should know that it is vital. When the buds finished the drying process and have been cut already, the primary dried cannabis moisture content has been extracted then the curing will follow. The way curing impacts the quality and flavor of marijuana when smoked is definitely among the reasons why it is important.

The most appropriate moment to do this part is when you try to bend the bud and no part of it breaks. Place the buds and other parts of the plant into a container to cure them. Ensure that the container is airtight. You have to open the containers every day for at least 5 to 10 minutes to assure that they are not rotting and to help them dry completely. 

You can slowly see the progress on their dryness and scent since you are tasked to check on them every 24 hours. The moment that the buds are already looking nice and crumbly, you can leave them sealed in the containers as long as you desire and use them whenever you like.

There are definitely some good processes to have good quality marijuana products. The importance of each method can be seen when you compare the dried cannabis vs. the fresh ones. Being able to dry and cure the plant also creates a great impact on its quality. Hence, drying and curing marijuana buds must be given more essence than what they are receiving as of the moment. 

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