The Black Tuna strain got its name after a famous gang smuggled weed into the United States of America. It was bred and produced by 5-star organics, making this strain top-shelf and among those with high potency levels. It is also known for its high effects, which you’ll indeed feel like floating as what tuna does in the water! 

In terms of its aroma and flavour, you would surely think that Black Tuna would smell like a fish! Fortunately, this strain is blessed with an earthy fragrance and intense aroma. Its forestry tone makes it more pleasant as you enjoy its scent on a relaxing afternoon sunset. 

It is covered with dark green buds with hints of luscious purple shade. If you do not want to consume it by smoking, you can still enjoy this strain in the form of concentrate, shatter, and wax. Besides its euphoric effects, the Black Tuna strain mitigates chronic pain and inflammation within the body.

Is Black Tuna strain a Sativa?

It is considered to have more Sativa substance than Indica – with an offspring of Lamp Bread and Herijuana Strains and is commonly known for its high THC content level up to 18-23%. 

While there is confusion around its strain classification, it is still believed to be a 50/50 hybrid. Some may identify this marijuana strain as Indica-dominant because of Herijuana. Its effects on users are acclaimed as Sativa. 

What is the most potent strain of Indica?

The higher the THC levels of a strain are, the more potent they are towards users. The following are the most potent Indica strains:

Strawberry Banana
Purple Kush
Death Star
Skywalker OG
Ice Wreck
Chocolate OG
Grease Monkey
Green Gelato 

Most of the THC levels of these strains revolve around 25 to 27 percent. This only means the very high and euphoric effect these strains can give to thousands of users.


Besides the relaxation and calmness you get from using Black Tuna strain, you can also take advantage of its medical benefits. It alleviates stress and anxiety. It relaxes your muscles, thus, providing you with a much-needed rest. It also treats nausea and cramping. Furthermore, this strain offers medical therapy for people with gastrointestinal issues. 

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